Of swords, daggers and arrows

No guesses for what the title of the post is all about. Listen to the songs and enjoy the Shringar Rasa dripping from the poetry.

Girija Devi – Bhairavi Dadra – Nayan Ki Mat Maro Talwariya :  Download

Channulal Mishra – Dadra – Tore Naina Khilade Katar Sajani :  Download

Shobha Gurtu – Dadra – Baan Nainon Ka :  Download

Munawar Ali Khan & Raza Ali Khan – Tirchi Najaria Ke Baan :  Download


Chaiti : songs of sultry summer

As we all know, Indian classical music is mostly based on the seasons of the year and even fine tuned to the hour of the day. Chaiti is sung in the month of Chait that falls in March or April as per the Hindu calendar. The Chaiti is a musical form derived from folk songs and its theme mostly revolves around romanticism and mood of love. These are certainly season specific songs. The Chaiti songs, like Kajri, have a place in semi classical form also. Most of the songs have wordings like Ho Rama or Are Rama. The lyrics are normally in the Purabi dialect, spoken in eastern Uttar Pradesh and parts of Bihar.

Rasoolan Bai – Chaiti – Chait Ki Nindiya :  Download

Girija Devi – Chaiti – Raat Hum Dekhli :  Download

Shobha Gurtu – Chaiti – Piya Milan Hum Jaibe :  Download

Channulal Mishra – Chaiti – Sejia Se Saiyan Rooth Gaye :  Download


Holi : five drops of Color

No festival of India is such an important constituent of our traditional classical and folk music as Holi. This festival of colors, is one that adorns our lives with the synergy of celebrative air and music. This joyous festival is in tune with the gaiety of the spring season when this festival is held. The windswept, withering, winter scene is truly dabbed away with the vibrant colors of blossoming flowers heralding spring, a time for the earth to rejuvenate. The refreshing southern breeze successfully chases out the chilly northern wind, in the Hindu month of ‘Phalgun‘. The fervor, fun and frolic of the festival reflect the essence of harvest and hope.

Ajoy Chakrabarty – Aaj Phagua Mein Hori Machi Hai :  Download

Girija Devi & Shobha Gurtu – Bhijoyi Mori Chunari :  Download

Ghulam Mustafa Khan – Piya Sang Khelun Hori :  Download

Channulal Mishra – Barjori Karo Na Mose Hori Mein :  Download

Anita Sen – Nand Ke Lalan Ke Rang Darungi :  Download

.. more colors of Holi »



Four Songs : my Choice 5

Once again, here are a few songs of my choice, each one a priceless gem, and in my view, one of the best from the respective artists :

Ajoy Chakrabarty – Kajri – Nimbua Tale Dola Rakhde :  (Download)

Girija Devi – Hindola :  (Download)

Nazakat & Salamat Ali Khan – Thumri Pahadi :  (Download)

Rashid Khan – Charukeshi – Palaka Na Lagi Mori Guiyan :  (Download)

.. more Songs of my Choice »

P.S : As I have always believed in giving my visitors, the play and download option for all songs, no wonder I am faced with a serious bandwidth issue. As a result some files in my older posts may not play or download. However, irrespective of this problem I will try to continue posting more songs. Thanks for your patience.


Four Random Songs 3

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