Girija Devi & Shobha Gurtu : 4 timeless Jugalbandis

Very few accomplished women singers have sung together and complimented each other so wonderfully, as Girija Devi and Shobha Gurtu in the four songs that I am posting today. Girija Devi being from Varanasi excels in the ‘Purab Ang Gayaki and Tappa’ whereas Shobha Gurtu has immortalized herself as the ‘Thumri Queen’ of her time. In these songs notice how each singer gives the other one enough space to present her own trade mark style and adapt to each other so well. These are such immortal Jugalbandis which I would always love to hear anyday and anytime.

Girija Devi :

Raga Shivranjani – Daga Deke Na : (Download)

Dadra In Kaushi Dhwani – Nazariya Laag Rahi : (Download)

Shobha Gurtu :

Bhairavi – Babul Mora Naihar : (Download)

Kajri – Jhini Jhini Atariya : (Download)