Jaltarang : pure nectar

Jaltarang, Jal Yantra, Jalatarangam or Jalatharangam is a unique instrument in the sense that it is both a percussion as well as non-percussion instrument. Basically, it is a series of china clay bowls of descending size laid in a circle, or row or any other convenient configuration. These bowls are tuned to the notes of the Raga being played by adjusting the amount of water held in the cups. When struck with chop-stick like strikers, these bowls produce very sweet chime or tickle like sound and can be used to play solo as an accompaniment of Tabla, or as an accompanying percussion instrument, mostly seen with Kathak style dance music.

Anayampatti Dhandapani & S Ganesan – Vathapi :  Download

Anayampatti Dhandapani & S Ganesan – Sarasa Samadhana :  Download

Anayampatti Dhandapani & S Ganesan – Parathapara :  Download

Anayampatti Dhandapani & S Ganesan – Ninnuvina :  Download

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Ramkumar Chatterjee : four songs

Ramkumar Chatterjee is regarded as the repository of Bangla Puratoni Gaan (old Bengali songs). It was he who popularized the genre of Bengali Baithaki songs. Hailing from a strong musical background as his grandfather, himself a classical singer, wanted young Ramkumar to learn tabla as it would help him to develop an ear for musical notation. However, the prized moment came later when he got an opportunity to accompany Kazi Nazrul Islam during a public meeting held by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose at Hedua in north Calcutta. Sharatchandra Pandit popularly known as ‘Dadathakur‘ appointed him as a singer at the radio station after a short voice test, which he cleared, and started singing. He was given five rupees per song.

Ramkumar Chatterjee – Chait Beet Jayere :  Download

Ramkumar Chatterjee – Raja Tore Paniya :  Download

Ramkumar Chatterjee – Phool Gendwa Na Maro :  Download

Ramkumar Chatterjee – Jigar Ke Tukre :  Download

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Raga guide 4

A Raga must evoke a particular emotion or create a certain mood. Each Raga has a specific name. It also has a character, which can be devotional, erotic, bold and valorous, or even tragic. Time of day, when it is best performed, is usually specified as a 3-hour interval. However the beauty of the Raga is not affected if it is performed at other times of the day. Some Ragas are related to seasons, for example, Raga Malhar. Ragas are not static. Some can be traced back to ancient or medieval times, others originated only a few centuries or even a few decades ago. However, all Ragas have undergone transformations over the centuries. Many of them have fallen into disuse.

Subhra Guha – Raga Hemkalyan (late evening) :  Download

Subhra Guha – Raga Hindol (morning) :  Download

Subhra Guha – Raga Jaijaivanti (late evening) :  Download

Subhra Guha – Raga Jaunpuri (late morning) :  Download

Subhra Guha – Raga Jhinjhoti (late evening) :  Download

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