Divas of poorab ang thumri

The three Divas of light classical music, Badi Motibai, Siddheshwari Devi and Rasoolan Bai were once the undisputed queens of the Poorab Ang or the Benares gayaki of Thumri, Dadra, Chaiti and Hori. Begum Akhtar, of course, was also in the fray but she was better known for her rendition of the Ghazals. Here are a few very rare and precious songs from the empresses of the Poorab Ang.

Badi Motibai – Thumri – Bahiyan Na Maroro :  Download

Rasoolan Bai – Dadra – Eri Paniya Jo Bharan Gayi :  Download

Siddheshwari Devi – Thumri – Avo Avo Nagariya :  Download