eSnips : Anonymous Downloading

Now that eSnips keeps on evolving new methods to prevent users from downloading, users’ frustration is surmounting with each day.

A few days back they changed their default music player and when I made small modifications to my eSnips Downloader it stopped working with Firefox. Internet Explorer users were spared though.

As I am trying to keep pace with eSnips with every step they take, I have tried yet again to modify the code of the Downloader.

This time it would be anonymous downloading through a proxy server. This is not a permanent solution though but as I said before, I am keeping pace with eSnips everday and every time.

Some self explanatory screenshots of the all new eSnips Downloader (Link Generator) :

With Internet Explorer :

Step One : Generate your link as before and click on the generated link.

Step Two : Depending upon the security settings of Internet Explorer – it’s a small piece of caution that you are about to download a file from some alien territory – right click on the message below the title bar of the Downloader and choose ‘download file’, or you may click the bold orange coloured link itself in the main window.

Step Three : Save your file.

With Firefox it’s lot easier. The first and the third steps are the same as in Internet Explorer. There is no warning of downloading an unkown file.

I am not very sure if this will work forever. Why, it may stop working a few hours from now.

P.S : I have not tried it, but this new code could byepass the bandwidth problem too. Now, this surely means being ‘eSnips-eccentric’…

Enjoy the moment !!

New !! eSnips Downloader for Dummies

As eSnips has changed it’s default music player from windows media player to a flash player, old download tricks have stopped working.

Although the doc to nsdoc trick still works with downloaders like Flashget and Orbit (Grab++), it isn’t working when the URL is changed in the address bar of the browser itself and by pressing Enter. Only a blank page will appear when done so.

To let users continue downloading from eSnips without taking the pains of modifying each URL, I have rewritten the code of the eSnips Downloader (Link Generator). Find the link in the sidebar of my other music blog : It allows you to download as before. You can click on the generated link, or if you like, save the file by right clicking the link and save target as…

But the bandwidth problem still persists. eSnips is not the same place as it used to be before. As for me, I have stopped uploading more to my music folders.

Meanwhile continue downloading files from accounts that have no bandwidth problems (those with less visitors).

Enjoy !!