Four random songs 15

Some more songs picked up by me from the crevices and corners of the world wide web. This time too, the songs come from some of the more talented and younger female vocalists of the present time.

Purnima Sen – Thumri in Khamaj :  Download

Mandira Lahiri – Bhajan in Darbari Kanada :  Download

Rita Sahai – Malhar in Desh :  Download

Tripti Mukherjee – Bhajan in Bhairavi :  Download

Point to ponder : Is it coincidental that while most of the newer female classical vocalists of today belong to West Bengal, the male singers come from the state of Maharashtra?

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Four random songs 14

Once again here are a few songs picked up randomly, this time from the relatively younger lot of female vocalists. These are real gems deserving of the true connoisseur of Hindustani classical music.

Kaushiki Chakrabarty – Khamaj Dadra – Bhig Jaun Main :  Download

Sawani Shende – Dhani – Chatur Balma Saiyan Mora :  Download

Shweta Jhaveri – Bhairavi – Prabhuji Tum Chandan Hum Pani :  Download

Tripti Mukherjee – Sughari – Drut Teental :  Download

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Four random songs 13

Continuing with my Random Songs series, presented here in this post are a few songs that I picked up from here and there while surfing the web, and also while hanging out on various music forums. These are excellent songs, a couple of them from the great maestros and the rest from our younger vocalists.

Mallikarjun Mansur – Sughrai – Piya Banjara :  Download

Ajoy Chakrabarty – Deshkar – Ayi Ri Badariya Sawan Ki :  Download

Manjiri Asanare – Adana – Rang Rang Mukh Pe Mat Phenko :  Download

Meeta Pandit – Bilaskhani Todi – Baje Boondariya :  Download

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Four Random Songs 12

Presented in this post are a few gems from some of the most renowned artists of Indian classical music. These songs were picked up by me from various music forums and sites. A couple of these songs have been specially uploaded on visitors’ requests. If your requested song is not here, please wait for the next Random Songs post.

Bhimsen Joshi – Thumri Bhairavi – Babul Mora Naihar :  Download

Kishori Amonkar – Bhajan – Jogiya Se Preet Kiya :  Download

Rashid Khan – Raga Bhatiyar – Tadpat Beeti Sagari Raina :  Download

Shobha Gurtu – Madhmad Sarang – Sajna Baat Nirakhta Hari :  Download

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Four Random Songs 11

As an afterthought I have decided to continue with the ‘Random Songs’ series of posts. Firstly because these posts give me the opportunity to present to you songs that I pick up from here and there, on the web, and also because I am all for introducing fresh voices to the newbies of classical music. Although Parthasarathy Desikan is not new to classical music lovers, his recordings are not as easily available as those of his wife Kaushiki Chakrabarty and father-in-law, and Guru, Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarty. He is a marvellous singer himself and is capable of keeping his audience spellbound on his own.

Prabhakar Karekar, born in Goa, was initiated in classical music by Pandit Jitendra Abhisheki. Prabhakar Karekar has imbibed the essence of various Gharanas and has created his own style of rendering North Indian classical vocal music. He is a ‘A’ grade, All India Radio artist and has participated in many Sangeet Sammelans at various centers in India.

Parthasarathi Desikan – Basant Bahar – Bana Phool Rahi :  Download

Prabhakar Karekar – Bhairavi – Nindiya Aa Gayi :  Download

Piu Sarkhel, born in Kolkata, is considered as one amongst the very few female artists who represents the Indore Gharana of Hindustani classical vocal music. Piu has undergone a rigorous training under her father, Kamal Bandhopadhyay, who was a disciple of late Ustad Amir Khan of Indore.

Purvi Parikh is an established Khayal singer of the Kirana Gharana. As an ‘A’ grade artiste of All India Radio, she has presented concerts all over India, in the USA, many countries of Europe and Japan. Purvi has been nurtured in the richest possible musical background, both her parents, Arvind and Kishori Parikh, being eminent musicians in their own right.

Piu Sarkhel – Shahana – Sunder Angana Baithi :  Download

Purvi Parikh – Kalavati – Sawan Bana Nagari :  Download

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