This file is no longer available on eSnips!

These days eSnips seems to be getting paranoid about letting users to both upload and download music files (mp3 in particular, as other formats are still left untouched). Everytime you attempt to play a music file you more often than not, will get a message :

Maximum daily bandwidth exceeded

The maximum daily bandwidth for this account has been reached. Please try to download this file another day.

Thank you,
The eSnips Team.

The next day you will probably see the same message (I’ve been trying to download a file from an user’s folder for the last ten days and getting this same message again and again and everyday). I have not been able to find a way out for this problem till today…. but I’m trying.

When you try to upload a music file (try recording a sound file of your own voice and uploading it) you invariably will be refused to upload it (publish it, as people at eSnips call it) citing copyright infringement laws, but only when the file has almost uploaded fully and not at the beginning when the upload starts.

This could be very frustrating for many of us. Imagine an user uploading a 50 MB file and tearing his hair when he gets this message, only after the upload is almost done. However, there are ways to circumvent these glitches as eSnips is presumably using a software called ‘Audible Magic‘ which scans each music file for copyright fingerprints. However, even my not-so-techy mind knows, these fingerprints are embedded in the mp3 file in the form of ID3 tags either in beginning of the file or at the end of it. Try trimming the mp3 a few seconds at the beginning and a couple of seconds at the end, and if luck is on your side you may probably hoodwink the software in letting you upload.

Recently I was searching a Ravi Shankar file at eSnips and I got as far as finding the file with all the details of it (file size, no. of views and all) intact :

But on attempting to play the file I got this :

This file is no longer available on eSnips!

Well, my abnormally inquisitive mind told me that the file was there at eSnips allright, as even the file size was showing, so I just modified the ‘doc’ to ‘nsdoc’ in the address bar and pressed ‘Enter’. Lo and behold my file was ready for download.

I am sure something is bugging eSnips which I fail to understand (maybe copyright authorities have tightened their noose around it). But why employ such methods to block files, which are so easy to exploit.

Meanwhile happy downloading !!