Shujaat Khan : four ragas

Shujaat Khan, son of legendary sitarist Ustad Vilayat Khan, is easily one of the most recognized faces of Hindustani classical music all over the world. He has musical pedigree that goes back seven generations. He has developed a personal style further extending the gayaki ang (singing style) of sitar, his father had innovated. The gayaki ang is imitative of the subtleties of the human voice. Shujaat Khan continues another Vilayat Khan tradition by singing the lyrics of the khayal as he plays the sitar. It often doesn’t seem as if he’s singing to anyone but himself, each time returning to the sitar and echoing his vocals with equally emphatic interpretation on the instrument.

Shujaat Khan – Kamod – Jane Na Doongi :  Download

Shujaat Khan – Manj Khamaj – Aeri Sakhi :  Download

Shujaat Khan – Piloo – More Saiyanji Utrenge Paar :  Download

Shujaat Khan – Bhairavi – Hamari Atariya Pe :  Download


Four enchanting folk tunes

Indian folk music is diverse because of India’s vast cultural diversity. Folk music has been influential on classical music, which is viewed as a higher art form. Folk instruments and styles have impacted classical Ragas since ages. It is not uncommon for classical artists, both vocalists and instrumentalists, to perform in semi-classical or Thumri style. Presented here are a few musical pieces performed by some of the most renowned artists, in the light classical mood or folk form.

Bismillah Khan – Banarasi Folk Dhun (Shehnai) :  Download

Ali Akbar Khan – Come Back My Love (Sarod) :  Download

Sultan Khan – So Ja Re (Rajasthani Folk on Sarangi) :  Download

Shujaat Khan – Lajo Lajo (Punjabi Folk on Sitar) :  Download


Malhar : Invocation to the Rain God

The Raga, Malhar is a powerful legendary Raga in Indian classical music. Raga Malhar is associated with the atmosphere of torrential rains. There are many written accounts and legendary tales about Raga Malhar. According to the legend, Raga Malhar is so powerful that when sung, rain starts falling from the sky. Many great artists of the medieval, and much earlier period used to sing this Raga to invoke the Rain God. Tansen, Baiju Bawra, Mahanvilas Kanh (son of Tansen) and Meera are among the singers, who are said to have been capable of invoking rains, by singing various forms of Raga Malhar.

Amir Khan – Ramdasi Malhar :  (Download)

Nazakat & Salamat Ali Khan – Megh Malhar :  (Download)

Raining in Bangalore :

Rashid Khan – Miyan Ki Malhar :  (Download)

Shujaat Khan – Gour Malhar (Sings as he plays the Sitar) :  (Download)

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With certain parts of North and Central India reeling under intense heat and the monsoon still eluding the people living there, the Malhars posted above may bring some soothing, if not cooling, effect.