Indian Baja : my new blog

Yes its true, an adventurous step forward into an unknown territory, I have just launched my new blog. Indian Baja may sound strange, but it rhymes well with Indian Raga. Moreover, it was the only short term available to register the blog. Baja was also apt because it was a term once used for the good old Gramophone player. Today it is also synonymous to the Harmonium, also known as Peti in some parts of India. Also I thought it would be an easy thing for you all to replace raga part of indianraga and type in baja instead, in case you feel like switching between the two blogs. In fact, you need to replace just two letters of raga with those in baja. I have chosen to retain the themes and the logo of Indian Raga.

Come into my vintage music parlour :


I will provide an easy link in the sidebar very soon.

Hoping to provide you some great, vintage Hindi film music (only pre 1969, please) and music under other genres as well.