Four droplets of Excellence

Every now and then one comes across small clips of excellent songs, tiny droplets from the vast ocean, which the world of hindustani classical music indeed is. The fuller versions either do not exist or the songs were not meant to be recorded for commercial purpose. The one by Zarina Begum is an amateur recording, sung by her when she was about 90 years old, simply for the benefit of an ardent fan. She is one of the remaining few from the courtesan era of the British Raj. She is playing the Harmonium herself, while Qurban Hussain, her husband, plays the Tabla. The recording was done at her one room house in Lucknow. Birju Maharaj, as we all know, is a renowned Kathak dancer. Very few know that he is an excellent singer too.

Zarina Begum – Najar Laagi Raja Tore Bangle Par :  Download

Birju Maharaj – Jane De Maika :  Download

Asad Amanat Ali Khan – Piya Bin Lage Nahi Jiya :  Download

Mehdi Hassan – Kaase Kahun Mori Sajani :  Download