Four Songs : my Choice 12

It is now common knowledge that Indian classical music has powers that heal the cerebrum, the part of human brain that controls emotions. There are many Ragas in Indian classical music and each Raga creates a different mood. A Raga can make you so happy that you may want to dance or it can make you so sad that it may bring tears to your eyes. The Vilambit (slow) portion of the Raga has the deepest impact. Experience yourself, the magic of the Vilambits.

Kaushiki Chakrabarty – Raga Shuddh Kalyan (33:36) :  Download

Jagdish Prasad – Raga Gorakh Kalyan (45:19) :  Download

A Kanan – Raga Maru Behag (14:01) :  Download

Arati Ankalikar – Raga Nand (16:22) :  Download

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Four Songs : my Choice 3

Once again I am posting a few songs of my choice, this time all in Raga Khamaj. For the uninitiated, Raga Khamaj is a late evening Raga usually sung in the light Thumri style.

A Kanan – Nindiya Na Jagao :  (Download)

Dinkar Kaikini – Katariya Na Maro :  (Download)

Shobha Gurtu – Chhabi Dikhla Ja :  (Download)

Bidur Mallik – Nazariya Lag Jayegi :  (Download)

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QUIZ : Give me the names of the male and female singers and the name of the Album/Film, and I will send you this rare song + a bestseller e-book (in Microsoft Reader .lit format) by email. Answer the questions in the comments to this post, and please don’t forget to mention your email address.

Quiz Song : 2

P.S : Did anyone notice the new addition in the ‘WHAT’S HOT‘ section of the sidebar. I just finished compiling a book out of posts on the now ‘infamous’ ‘FAKE IPL PLAYER’ blog (I love compiling e-books), and thought to share it with you. It’s insanely hilarious. You must have Microsoft Reader installed to be able to read it.

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