Adnan Sami : ecstasy on piano

Adnan Sami has a special command on Indian classical music notes. He developed his musical style and technique on the Piano, evolving a new sound, which he pioneered and ultimately introduced to the world, thus becoming the first person to play Indian classical music on the electric Piano. As a classical concert pianist, Adnan Sami has had the honour of giving performances before heads of governments such as President Mitterand of France, President and Prime Minister of India, President and Prime Minister of Pakistan and Prime Minister of Sweden. Apart from this, Adnan has performed for prestigious music festivals to sold-out stadiums of his concerts all over the world.

Ecstasy, a 1990 album, is part of Adnan Sami’s journey into the world of Indian classical music, a world that he, unfortunately, abandoned in the later part of his career. Ecstasy has four tracks including one in Raga Khamaj. I am skipping this one as it has already been featured in one of my earlier posts, and was also part of Adnan’s earlier album. It is surprising, but no details about Ecstasy is available anywhere. The whereabouts of the accompanyists, like the Tabla player, are unknown. Can someone find them, please?

Adnan Sami – Raga Bairagi :  Download

Adnan Sami – Folk Tune from N.W.F.P :  Download

Adnan Sami – Dhun in Raga Pilu :  Download

.. more Piano music by Adnan Sami »

Note : N.W.F.P stands for North West Frontier Province, the most northerly province of British India, now in Pakistan.




  1. Surjit Kohli said,

    June 14, 2010 at 8:55 pm

    It has been a pure delight to listen to Patiala Gharana by various singers as well as to Bismillah Khan. It is a yeoman service you have put on this website. Keep it up. However, there was a slight irritation on the recording of Salamat Fateh Ali Khan, which has an empty space of more than a minute at the end of the proramme; could you have it corrected please.

  2. Basin Taps said,

    December 3, 2010 at 1:08 am

    i always attend music festivals because they are quite exciting and i love music `.*

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