Four Songs : my Choice 12

It is now common knowledge that Indian classical music has powers that heal the cerebrum, the part of human brain that controls emotions. There are many Ragas in Indian classical music and each Raga creates a different mood. A Raga can make you so happy that you may want to dance or it can make you so sad that it may bring tears to your eyes. The Vilambit (slow) portion of the Raga has the deepest impact. Experience yourself, the magic of the Vilambits.

Kaushiki Chakrabarty – Raga Shuddh Kalyan (33:36) :  Download

Jagdish Prasad – Raga Gorakh Kalyan (45:19) :  Download

A Kanan – Raga Maru Behag (14:01) :  Download

Arati Ankalikar – Raga Nand (16:22) :  Download

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  1. virendra singh verma said,

    April 29, 2010 at 1:05 pm

    oct.2009 we have explained how ragas germinated as also the musical notes
    due to the upward motion of kundalini shakti in every human
    we have enlisted what ragas are there to nourish a plexus or chakra
    our indian music is not for cheap entertainment but for deep spiritual
    urge for moksha the ultimate of a sadhak
    and in this context dhrupad gayaki a prevedic or vedic spiritual music is rendition of the naad that kundalini makes in HER ascent

  2. Vijay talkhandkar said,

    April 2, 2013 at 12:03 am

    Aarti tai was awsom
    so superb gayki of jaypur

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