Four Random Songs 7

It has always been my conscious effort to include music samples of as many artists as possible. Some of them may be young or not as well known as their famous peers, but are in no way less talented. The purpose is to initiate the common man, the dummy of classical sounds who is afraid even as much as by the thought of having to listen to classical music, into the wonders of our musical heritage. More than 600 songs have already been posted, each one selected carefully and uploaded only after hearing them personally. Unfortunately, most of my blogging time now is spent on maintaining the music links, as the songs are continuously been deleted by the respective servers and have to be migrated to newer ones. The usual woes of free file hosting.

Once again, here are a few random songs, picked up from the nooks and corners of the web, and uploaded here for your listening pleasure :

Sanjukta Biswas – Bhimpalasi – Vari Ve Guman Na Kariye :  Download

Pandit Pran Nath – Darbari – Hazrat Turkman :  Download

Begum Shannu Khurana – Hameer – Mora Re Albela :  Download

Ritwik Sanyal – Darbari Kanada Alap :  Download

.. more Random Songs »



1 Comment

  1. m a hossain said,

    October 29, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    i need some raag and light classical song specially on voirab raag

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